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HI! I'm Molly! My friends call me Mjøllnir. I make a lot of weird noises. Myoclonic jerks are controlling my life. I'm crazy and I love all things Doctor Who. And Sherlock. And Supernatural, Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Raising Hope, Firefly, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daises- this list goes on forever. I'm an extraordinaire on roleplaying the Eleventh Doctor in any fashion. (i.e, blind, deaf, sick, abused, normal, just ELEVEN)
I run an Amy Pond appreciation life. I ship Amy/Eleven, Whouffle, PondChester, JohnLock, Destiel, and lots of other things.
I take prompts for Amy/Eleven and Whouffle! All of the drabbles go to Red Lights in the My Fan Fictions link.
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AU - Introductions

└ The Doctor takes Amy to meet Sherlock and John.


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